The purpose of this section is to explain step by step how to set up the specific installation methods for the HP label printer on these platforms.

NOTE: This installation solution for connecting to Desktop Application only works for HPKE100/200 printers. This solution will not fully resolve the issue on the HPKE103/203 printers.



The HP Label Printers are fast, reliable, and easy to use with a 2-year warranty. Unlike other printers, these printer work with any thermal labels. HP offers 203 standard dpi printers as well as 300 high-resolution dpi printers.
Yes, HP sells its own line of thermal labels ranging from 4x6” shipping, 2x1” barcode, 1x1” square, 1.25x3.5” address, 2.25x0.5” jewelry, 2.25x3.5” name, and 2.25x4” mailing labels.
Installing the driver is quick and easy. Go to the setup page at to select the driver then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
The printer is able to print without toner using the direct thermal technology built into it. Thanks to thermal labels, heating is applied to labels without the need for ink or toners saving you time and money.
Yes, the printer is easy to use, and the setup is very quick. You can start printing clear, detailed labels in just a few simple steps. And of course, you can contact our support team if you have any questions.